Saturdays 2-4pm Kāpiti Coast Community Centre

Participants are invited to take part in FREE Lego Building workshops. You will get to learn about Lego building and see awesome examples of Lego master pieces while also sharing ideas, thinking about the future, learning about town planning and sustainable design. There will be some serious Lego building! Participants bring their own Lego to use and are encouraged to bring creations to show and to get advice on.

Each week we will cover a different idea about the future. Together we will create our new town centre plan and then each participant will be allocated a part to build.

  • February 21, What buildings will still be here in 2035? how will they change? What new shops, businesses and public space look like?
  • February 28, How will changes to technology change our lives. Finalising the 2035 town centre plan.
  • March 7 What will The Sustainable Home and Garden Show 2035 look like? This will be a big part of the model.
  • March 14, What vehicles and transportation will we use?

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