workshop four!

With just six days to go before we will be installing our final model Jake provided a run down of final, finer details including information on setting up and a run down of a few spaces left to build. As some final inspiration, Jake showed images of futuristic vehicles and talked about the Council’s very own electric rubbish truck.

Slide07 Slide08  Slide09Slide10

Vanessa reminded everyone about designing signs for models and requested everyone to send in detail images of their models to be included in promotional posters. Then we had a show’n’tell including Richard’s amazing model of underground services in a slight state of havoc with broken pipes and all, Scott’s trees, café, pet shop, Arthur’s garden, Jacobs’s vehicles and an amazing skate park. Jake also present his now complete Farmers model demonstrates the future potentials of 3 D printing enabling custom made, local production.

IMG_3371    IMG_3361IMG_3358 IMG_3357   IMG_3354  IMG_3352 IMG_3340 IMG_3337 IMG_3329 IMG_3327

view slideshow: March 14 workshop



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