Spaces for Community and Culture by Frank Averes

Frank Averes built three spectacular models with a focus on building spaces that enhance community and cultural engagement. Details for each model follow:

untitled-3-2  untitled-12-2

Community Centre

  • Rear half of Community Centre demolished (all salvageable materials recycled).
  • Bridge Club either moved offsite, else becomes ‘anchor tenant’ to new Community Hall.
  • Disability Services to move elsewhere within civic precinct.
  • Central portion becomes two-story.
  • Note all-ability lift (open windowed, so not ‘black box’ in event of power failure).
  • All windows double-glazed for heat retention.
  • Solar hot-water panels.
  • Small roof top garden
  • Used to illustrate to private property owners the concept of small self-contained garden units suitable for balconies, roof tops, concreted outdoor areas).
  • Continued with existing crèche space (esp. outdoor play area).




New Community Hall

  • Basketball court sized (also allows for netball, badminton, volley ball etc).
  • ‘Sprung’ floor.
  • Sensor driven auto directional / angular solar panels (they ‘follow the sun’) for maximum solar power generation.
  • Smart windows[1]; flicking a switch turns the windows opaque; minimises sun-strike.
  • Whereas the smart windows are non-opening, the shuttered vents at the end of the hall are electronically controlled to allow natural ventilation.

untitled-13-2  IMG_3457


  • Has an emphasis on teaching traditional Maori arts and crafts in an authentic Maori setting.
  • Observe Rākau sticks; poi toa; wood carving;
  • Uses power generated @ Community Centre.
  • Proximity to Community Centre enables efficiencies of resources, by using community centre facilities (e.g. kitchen / mass dining; indoor fun space in hall).
  • Grey-water tanks collect rainwater from the roof.

untitled-12-2    untitled-28


Other details 

  • ‘VIP’ Martin Jetpack[2] parking outside Community Hall.
  • RCUs (Robotic Cleaning Units) that sense discarded rubbish and pickup.These contain ‘fuzzy logic’ to discern where people are sitting and eating/drinking, and therefore manoeuvre close to people may need a bin.
  • Street lights are all solar powered.
  • Includes infrared backup to ‘source’ power remotely (remote electrical devices, that don’t require actual plug-in, but ‘receive’ electrical power) from Community Centre.
  • Buses: Mana buses ‘converted’ to driverless electric buses.
  • Doors moved to a central position to aid faster ingress / egress, also lowest portion of floor for all-ability access.





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