Kapiti Road ‘hook-turn’ cycle safety movie 2014

This Lego stop-motion animation movie was directed by Mason Cade Packer, helped by Dylan Thomas, both students at Kapiti College, to promote a new cycling safety feature of an intersection the Council was upgrading. The ‘set’ was built by Jake Roos to a 1:40 scale of the real intersection, which involved creating eleven buildings, over 20 vehicles including the Council’s own electric rubbish compactor truck, traffic signals and new LED streetlights. The display case built for the 2014 Lego eco town project by MenzShed was reused as a backdrop for the film set, and to display the models along with the film and other info on the cycle-turn manouevre in the Paraparaumu library.

Photos explaining the project in more detail can be viewed on facebook here.