Lego eco town 2014

The first Lego eco town in 2014 was 4.8m Long and 1.2 deep, so around half the area of the larger town in 2015. It was loosely modelled on the Kapiti Coast, but was not meant to represent a specific place or time. Space in the display case was divided between different uses, commercial, residential and public amenities, plus vehicles and the spaces were allocated to over 50 builders. It featured a train running up and down the length of the case, and many of the models had motorised parts, such as windmills and lights.

The display was shown at the 2014 Sustainable Home and Garden Show over two days. It was put in a darkened ‘black-out’ tent and lit with a new LED streetlight and an old high pressure sodium streetlight, so people could see the difference in light quality and difference in power use of the two different technologies. This highlighted the work of council making the change-over to LED technology. Also within the tent were Lego play tables for visitors to make their own creations, and other information on the Council’s energy and carbon saving initiatives.


As the theme of the Show was ‘bees, bugs and butterflies’, Lego models of giant insects were added to the town display overnight, along with Lego superheroes who were there to stop them causing too much trouble!

Prizes were given to builders for the best models, kindly donated by Toyworld Coastlands. Other sponsors included MenzShed Kapiti, Resene, Philips and Stones Electrical. Over 8,000 people visited the Show.


More pictures from 2014 the event can be found on the Council’s facebook page here.