workshop one!


We had a great turn out for our first workshop!


It was fantastic to have images of Frank Averes sports already in progress to help people feel inspired to get started!


To think about the future its always wise to look into the past first, we began by having a look at what Coastlands used to look like…


and then we considered what it looks like now:


Next was the fun part where we started to image our future…

Slide10 Slide11 Slide12 Slide13

We brainstormed ideas for Kapiti 2035 and took a look at the plan for our model and dished out plots for people to build. People wanted to know how big the spaces were in Lego ‘studs’ and Jake explained that 1 stud-wide brick = 8mm. Together we discussed what extra bricks would be needed – green baseboards, leaves, flowers, green bricks, these have now been ordered from overseas.


brainstorming about Kapiti 2035


Slide15 Slide16

Then it was time to do some building!


Olive, Harry and Louis busy brainstorming and building




Joshua Joines dived into our brick collection and made a structure out of girders


Zane's park model 21-2-2015

Zane Pryor’s Park model




to view the full workshop presentation: feb 21 workshop presentation

and more inspiration: feb 21 workshop inspiration


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