Farmers 3D Printing, by Jake Roos

IMG_3329In 2035 many retail stores like Farmers have ‘closed the loop’ between production and disposal of the goods they sell, and shortened supply chains dramatically. The electric tanker truck brings raw recycled ‘goop’ of various kinds (metal, wood, plastic, etc) and pumps it into storage vats. Goods are produced using 3D printers to order, customised how people like them.





Within the Farmers store a sofa is being printed while a customer is talking to consultant in the design suite, surrounded by finished customized furniture.  The clothing department has a full body scanner to get your size and clothes are ‘printed’ to order. Images of how clothes will look on you are digitally created – no more changing rooms!


IMG_3333Space within the store has been freed up as the shop carries minimal inventory. A squash court has been added as people have more leisure time and there is increased demand for recreation. The building has a green wall inside and out with integral water storage which is used to cool and ventilate the building naturally. There are solar panels all along the canopy outside to provide shade and power. The town centre has become a desirable place to live due to rising population increasing demand for housing and the great amenities there, so apartments have been built on the roof of the building.









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