Kāpiti Coast District Council received an award from the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) for the Kāpiti Town Centres and Connectors Transformation project, which the Lego Town Centre display was part of.

The Encouragement Award was presented jointly to Council and Beca, consultant on the project, in recognition of excellence in the field of public participation; demonstrated through the development and implementation of an outstanding project. Judges said:

  • “This project clearly went beyond what was statutory and have successfully brought the community along in visioning their town’s future.  The Lego Town was a great technique to work with all ages and to share the messages/vision to the whole community.”
  • “Highly visual and interactive techniques were used and the all ages, co-building aspect of Lego Town was an excellent visual addition.”
  • “The Kāpiti Coast District Council engaged citizens in a meaningful way that went beyond its normal public participation practice; and got a better plan as a result.”

Nicky Hughes-Richards, Marketing and Promotions Manager, Coastlands Shoppingtown:

“The Lego Town was well received by our customers here at Coastlands. We received enquiries from Poririua and Wellington to how long it would be up in the mall. Every time we went into the mall there was often  groups of kids and adults taking photos.   

“For two of the four weeks  it was in the mall we had a School holiday Lego promotion in the mall so having  Lego Town in the mall was a great asset for Lego enthusiasts. During the School holiday’s  there were over 200,000 people that visited the mall in that two week period. Coastlands would certainly look at hosting Lego town again.”

Feedback from Coastland Shoppers:

  • “Most impressed liked seeing all the kid that had been involved.”
  • “Really great concept doing it out of Lego rather than other mediums, came from Whitby just to see the display.”
  • “Really like that you included the Marae.”
  • “Like the PV Technology, hopes we become more sustainable. Liked the water, really good to show kids what’s happening under our roads.”
  • “Liked the flying cars, well done.”
  • “Wonderful for children Great that KCDC could do this incredibly impressed.”
  • “Like that local kids helped build it and that we gave them awards.”
  • “Put a smile on my face.”
  • “Love the bits around the back so that kids can see what their friends have built and then find it in the model.”
  • “Great imagination.”
  • “Well done, like how we incorporate Maori theme.”
  • “Really cool that everything has solar panels.”
  • “It really is amazing.”
  • “Everything is awesome.”






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