workshop three!

A rainy day building challenge


What a fantastic turn out on Saturday! It exciting to see so many people come along this week with some pretty amazing models bought along, inspiring everyone else to get building. However we are deeply apologetic about any confusion caused by our venue needing to be changed at the last minute.


This week we talked briefly about the Sustainable Home and Garden Show and what the ideas are behind the scenes. Essentially the show is run to not only promote sustainable ideas but to normalise them as apart of who we are and how we live as Kapiti Coasters. The show is an opportunity to celebrate the Kapiti Coast and what makes us unique. Photos of the show in previous years helped remind people of the diverse range of stalls and events at the show. We challenged people to get building during the workshop, thinking about what might in install for the Sustainable Home and Garden Show in 2035. The show takes up a large part of our model. By the end of the day some impressive models had been made.

IMG_3311 IMG_3307


With more registrations on Saturday we are pretty close to having all our sites and plots to be built allocated. We spent some time ensuring everyone knew that they would be building and allocated the extra Lego that has been purchased for the project.


Vanessa talked briefly about making signs for models. Signs are a good way to communicate more ideas about the models – to communicate what kinds of shops and businesses will be like, as well as public spaces. Anyone who would like a sign printed for their model can bring along a drawing of their sign next weekend – either a completed image to be copied or details of what you would like, ie text, colour and size. You can also email Vanessa your design and/or any queries:


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