What will Kãpiti be like in 2035?

The future is in our hands! Let your imaginations run wild to create an environmentally sustainable heart of the Kapiti Coast. Together we will build an amazing model of Paraparaumu town centre 2035 to be displayed at the Sustainable Home and Garden Show on 21 and 22 March at Kāpiti Primary School.


Participants are invited to take part in FREE Lego Building workshops. You will get to learn about Lego building and see awesome examples of Lego master pieces while also sharing ideas, thinking about the future and learning about town planning and sustainable design.

Our Goals: Imagining Kapiti in 2035

  • Think about how the future might be different. What will we need to do to rise to the environmental, social and economic challenges ahead?
  • Brainstorm, plan and bring ideas for our future town centre to life.
  • Make an amazing model that delights and inspires people.
  • Show how different people (like us!) can work together to create a great place for people to live work and play.
  • Get people thinking about the Councils Long Term Plan.

How we do it: We will be running weekly workshops on Saturday’s 2-4pm in the Kapiti Community Centre, the workshops with provide inspirations and idea about sustainable design and future technologies.

  • We share ideas
  • We finalise the layout
  • We divide up the jobs
  • We get building!
  • We co-ordinate with each other and give help, advice and suggestions
  • We bring it all together on the 20th of March. Our model will be exhibited at the Sustainable Home and Garden fair March 21-22.

Things to think about:

  • Zero carbon
  • Zero waste
  • Adapting to a warmer drier climate.
  • Growing food
  • New technologies
  • Enhancing community engagement
  • Including everyone – older population, disabled, diverse ethnicities & cultures.
  • Recognise Maori culture
  • What else?

Making a plan: Together we will make a design plan and discuss what we need. Everyone will be allocated a part to build. Including:

  • Existing big buildings
  • New buildings e.g. shops of different sizes
  • The Sustainable Home and Garden Show
  • Public parks and gardens
  • Trees (including some big ones!)
  • Sculptures
  • Public transport
  • A bridge
  • Maybe some small hills
  • Outdoor classrooms
  • Wildlife E.g. Birds
  • Underground pipes/services
  • Vehicles including aircraft,
  • What else??? – your ideas


  • The case is 6.0m x 1.8m. It’s pretty big! But space is still limited.
  • Once maximum model sizes are defined you need to stay within bounds.
  • Not everyone will be able to build a huge model, but you may be able to build more than one.
  • We are working in Lego, no other materials please.
  • We are basing the design off the current town centre concepts, not starting from scratch.
  • We are relying mostly on your own personal collections of bricks.
  • We can purchase some extra bricks, but the budget for this is limited. We will prioritise what bricks we buy to get the best final result.

Brick Security:

We have a rigorous audit system to keep track of who has brought what models and where they are placed within the display case.

The display case will be sealed behind polycarbonate sheets, no-one will be able to touch the models except the organisers. Security will be onsite too.

We encourage you to bring bricks and models to the workshops, but please be aware you will need to keep track of what you bring.

At the workshops, we will have rules regarding respecting each other and peoples property (bricks).

Young builders: Children under 8 will need to be accompanied by a guardian at workshops

Prizes: There will be LEGO prizes for the best models. Courtesy of Coastlands and Farmers!


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