Crazy Science Lab and Flying Machine Carpark by Josef Mountjoy


IMG_3583I chose the shop to build because I wanted to make a big building. It was 2 storey and used heaps of my lego bricks. On the ground floor I had a cafe. On the middle floor there was a science lab where people did crazy experiments, there were tubes everywhere. The scientists are inventing robots and parts for vehicles. On the top floor was a roof-top garden and a flying machine carpark. The crazy scientists come up to the roof for lunch and to get their flying cars. I got these ideas because I was thinking about the future. It was quite easy to build but it took a while. We needed a big box to carry it in.





I also made an Eel Sculpture like the one outside the library in Paraparaumu, that was a different model.

Josef – 7 years old


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