Octaloo by Ann Averes

Public Toilets (Octaloo)

untitled-14-2This is fashioned on an octopus, and intended as a fun iconic building. It becomes a colloquial central meeting point (‘meet you at the octoloo’ (or octopus)). It’s eight tentacles reach out and hold up the full circumference veranda.


  • 3 unisex cubicles incl. all-ability facilities.
  • Uses power generated @ Community Centre.
  • Solar hot-water panels.
  • Self-contained bio-waste composting and ultra-violet purification unit.
  • Purified waste water clean-enough for recycling through cisterns and/or dispersal into the stream.
  • Odour-free compost into bins for removal (sale as organic compost).
  • The four corner tentacles spout recycled (purified) water onto the planter boxes.
  • The ‘octopus eyes’ double as high-definition CCTV security cameras (with facial recognition / alerting).

IMG_3466   IMG_3465



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