13 Days To Go!

Greetings Lego Builders! Things are really starting to take shape now, with just 13 days to go until we will be installing our model!

We still need a few more builders for the following models:

  • Park part 4 wetland/natives (400mmx450mmx260mm)
  • Retail pod (128mmx64mmx100)
  • Pedestrian Plaza (800mmx320mmx130mm)
  • Sustainability Vendor (128mmx128mmx100mm)
  • Recycling Stations (96mmx48mmx48mm)
  • Light Aircraft (200mmx200mm)
  • Bus or People Mover x 4 (80mmx160mm)

SONY DSCToday we will be running our third Lego workshop, we will be thinking about what the Sustainable Home and Garden Show will look like in 2035 and will setting everyone with the challenge to build a stall for the 2035 Show during our workshop. Also the Lego thats be bought to supplement builders own supplies has arrived and we will give that out today!set-eco-signs-vector-818287

Vanessa is going to talk about making signs and logos for your models. Send her your designs ideas by March 14 and she will have stickers made up for your model. Come along today to find out more.

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